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(Italiano) Avviso – Manifestazione di interesse – Servizio “Sorveglianza sanitaria e medico competente” ai sensi del D.Lgs. 81/2008 e s.m.i.

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Sleeping accommodation assignment for students who were previously living in Fazzini and Granelli

The under-mentioned students, who were living in Fazzini and Granelli at the time of the earthquake, will be transferred to the rooms indicated next to each name. Before transferring you must check the effective availability of the room. The under-mentioned students are allowed to refuse the sleeping accommodation offered. In order to do so, they must send an e-mail to within December 6th 2016.

Housing Situation updated on december 2nd – installation of habitable containers

Below you can find a prospect of all the accommodation solutions that are available for the students, considering both the reopening of ERSU accommodation facilities that are still habitable and the forthcoming installation of habitable containers.
Students that are interested in this kind of accommodation will have to fill the C3 Form within December 7th that you can find below and send it using the button “Invia modulo” that is at the bottom of the form. We recommend you to download the following file in a folder on your PC (e.g. desktop), open it using Acrobat Reader (if possible use the most recent version), fill and submit it. Is not possibile to fill and submit it using directly Google Chrome.
Before filling the form, students must read carefully the file with the instructions.
These requests will be used to assign habitable containers based on the following criteria:

  1. Necessity to attend laboratories
  2. Distance between current domicile and Camerino (residence or accommodation facility situated on the coast)
  3. Preference given to in-course students rather than to out of course students
  4. Date of form submission

The habitable container will be given for free and it will entail the loss of the Contribution for Autonomous Accommodation.

If you have some trouble in filling the form send us an email to Forms sended to this adress will not be processed.

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